Viber Media Creations

You name it, we do it! We are a learning and technology company, offering a wide variety of learning and technology-enabled solutions that range from CMS and LMS management, payment gateway integration, responsive website designing, shopping cart solution, web designing, web development, mobile app, flash to HTML5, game and simulation to presentation and launch intros.

Quality, reliability, interactivity, visual design and reliability: that's what our products exhibit. AND, that’s what our name is synonymous with.

We create accurate solutions for every need by following a simple process: Asserting your true need, then designing and developing, and at last, applying and implementing. We do this with the help of our highly motivated and experienced team of UI/UX designers, flash animators and integrators, graphic designers, and software developers and testers.

Allow us to design your product and witness the WOW effect yourself.

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What We Do

  • E-learning & Game development

Visual learning is more effective than simply reading text. Based on this fact, we create e-learning courses. Our courses provide effective learning through a mix of highly engaging audio and visual content and make it an unforgettable experience.

  • UI & Logo design

User Interface is most vital to a successful web application. We design user interfaces based on this belief. We also specialise in designing inspiring logos, which give instant recognition to your business and helps build your brand.

  • Corporate Presentation

The entire point of a presentation is for the client to remember you. We specialise in creating professional presentations that apply storytelling principles to make the client remember the beginning, the end and everything in between.

  • Print Media

We also create, design and deliver in a printer-friendly ready-to-print format inserts, brochures, flyers, catalogs and business cards.

  • Web Development

We offer responsive and effective custom website designing services, with a proficiency to design or re-design websites for every type of business.

  • Game and Simulation

We offer a range of eLearning simulation and game development services that encourage thinking and learning and makes learning more effective by allowing learners to make, use, think, act and get feedback.

  • Mobile App

The world is fast embracing a mobile-first culture. It has thus become imperative for companies to bring their own apps to popular smartphone platforms like Android, iOS and Windows. We serve to develop, design and maintain a wide variety of quality Android apps for startups and enterprise clients.

  • Flash to HTML5

HTML5 supports all types of multi-media content and thus satisfies greater usability demands. Our Flash to HTML5 conversion methods meet the required standards to re-structure and re-organize Flash content to make it HTML5 compatible, while retaining the look and feel, richness, graphics and every other aspect.

  • Presentation and Launch Intros

Product introductions are an important part of selling a product to a prospective customer. Our services can help you perfect the way you introduce your product—simply, clearly and effectively—by a seamless blend of innovation and technology.

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Mobile Application

Our Team


Ashish Bhardwaj

Ashish Bhardwaj

Project Manager (Android)

Sandeep kushwaha

Sandeep kushwaha

Project Manager (Graphics)

Ravi kanth

Ravi kanth

Project Manager (Software)

Sachin Sharma

Sachin Sharma

Sr.Flash Animator

Munna Kumar

Munna Kumar


Kavita Choudhary

Kavita Choudhary

Team Lead (Action Scripting)

Amit Kumar

Amit Kumar

Flash Graphic Designer

Shivani Dobriyal

Shivani Dobriyal

Team Lead (UI and Ux Designer)

Sandeep kushwaha

Yogendra Singh

Web Designer

Prakash Kumar Singh

Prakash Kumar Singh

Manager (SEO)


Our distinct mix of services has enabled us to work with various clients, ranging from startups to world-renowned corporations, each with varying business interests. Our experience extends into almost every industry—from IT services, book publishing, digital education to insurance. These are a few companies who have experienced the passion and talent of Viber Media Creations: